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Broadband WANs for K-20

Trillion designs, builds, and manages highly reliable broadband networks for school districts and consortiums. We custom design networks to meet a school's specific needs using both licensed wireless and/or fiber technology. We can also integrate and expand existing networks and make the entire network more reliable and scalable to meet the future growth needs. Trillion is the single focal point – integrating multiple sources and technologies to provide you with one secure broadband network optimized for education technology applications.

Broadband WAN Network

All Trillion networks support data, voice and video simultaneously in a converged environment with Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities. Quality of Service prioritizes video and/or voice traffic which allows for efficient bandwidth utilization when distributing multimedia streams across a network. So whether you want to run voice over your network, provide distance learning or deploy new administrative management tools, your network will be ready to handle it.

We will work with you to design a network that meets your technology and budget requirements. Trillion provides customers with flexibility in the following areas:

  • Bandwidth - choose from 20 Mbps to 1 Gbps of bandwidth per location.
  • Burstable or dedicated bandwith – Network can be designed to support shared burstable or dedicated bandwidth as required to meet district budget and throughput needs.
  • Topology – choose from star, ring or a hybrid topology design.
  • Transport - fiber, licensed wireless, or a hybrid (containing multiple transport options).
  • Internet access - Provide pure Ethernet IP based services to each site - no Mux based routing equipment is required.

Regardless of design or transport used, Trillion provides a turnkey solution with guaranteed bandwidth through a managed service rather than selling equipment and support contracts. We back our availability commitment with Service Level Agreements that include financial penalties if specified availability metrics are not achieved.


Key Benefits

  • Optimized for the education environment (QoS)
  • Turn key service not hardware
  • Priority 1 E-Rate eligible
  • No upfront costs
  • Flexibility to meet your needs:
    • bandwidth (20 Mbps-1Gbps)
    • transport (fiber, licensed wireless, hybrid)
    • topology (ring, star, hybrid)
  • Gigabit switch fabric enables scalability
  • Layer 3 routing to enable advanced troubleshooting
  • Cross geographical boundaries
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