Configuring Outlook Options

If you are using Microsoft Outlook to view and manage your voice mail messages, you can configure its options.

To configure the Outlook options, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the ShoreTel icon . Then choose Configure ShoreTel System from the submenu.

    The ShoreTel System dialog appears.

  2. Select the Outlook tab.

    The Outlook settings appear, as shown here.

  3. In the Voice Mail area, select from the following options:

  4. In the Calendar area, click Install to install the ShoreTel Calendar Form. If the ShoreTel Calendar Form is installed, select the Use ShoreTel Calendar Form to schedule Call Handling if you will use the ShoreTel Calendar Form application.

  5. In the Memorized Phone Number Management area, select from the following options:

  6. Click OK.


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